Emergency Alert Card/Keychain

Emergency Alert Card
(There is no cost or obligation

The Emergency Alert Card/Keychain is a free service from Westford Funeral Home & Cremation Service. Let your Alert Card speak for you if you can’t.

The Alert Identification Card/Keychain, along with the Lifeguide records folder, can be the central source of emergency information about you.

The Lifeguide records folder will list names, addresses, phone numbers of family members, emergency contacts, plus medical, RX-info, physician, hospital, vital statistics and pertinent funeral home instructions.

The emergency information will then be placed on your alert card/keychain which should be kept with you. This information may be updated FREE once a year by contacting Westford Funeral Home. 

To request information or schedule an appointment please call us at 360-734-1717 

The Alert Keychain
 has your emergency information stored digitally.  Emergency personnel can access this life-saving information by inserting the keychain into their computer.